Helping people has been a lifelong pursuit that has come naturally to me. It is with great joy that I am now able to continue pursuing my passion through my own counseling practice. I founded Dean Counseling & Associates in July 2014. It is my aim to serve the Richardson, Dallas, and Plano communities by offering counseling services with excellence and compassion. My goal is to see clients move forward and not only dream of, but experience abundant life.

I have worked in a variety of contexts throughout my career, but I discovered my true joy for private practice while working under the supervision of Dr. J. Lee Jagers.   I have also had the privilege of serving clients at Nexus Recovery Center and Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Approach to Counseling

I completed my graduate course work at Dallas Theological Seminary.  I learned an integrated counseling approach there–one that accepts both the merits of psychology as well as the importance of placing that study on the foundation of a Biblical worldview.  This integrated model is something I continue to incorporate into my practice today.

A holistic approach is also important in how I pursue counseling.  I initially considered a career in medicine, but soon realized the type of healing I wanted to be a part of wasn’t just physical healing. I began to realize that some of the most painful wounds, the most life threatening diseases aren’t just reserved to the physical. Rather, they involve the whole person–mind, body and spirit.

I still remember the first client I ever had in a private practice setting. As my client left, I distinctly remember feeling the satisfaction of knowing this is what I was called to do.  I look forward to meeting you and learning more about how we can work towards health and healing as a collaborative team.